Syracuse Clinic Cracks the Code on Holistic Healthcare: Grant Fuels Integrated Care Revolution

Syracuse’s One-Stop Shop for Holistic Behavioral Health:-

Liberty Resources Gets Grant to Boost Integrated Care

Forget the old fragmented system of “one place for your head, another for your body.” In Syracuse, Liberty Resources is breaking down those silos, offering a comprehensive, coordinated approach to behavioral health like no other. And thanks to a recent $265,000 grant from New York State, they’re about to take it to the next level.

A Community Connected:-


This grant isn’t just about cash. It’s about building bridges. Liberty Resources will implement a community-wide electronic records system, allowing seamless communication between all your healthcare providers, regardless of affiliation. No more bouncing between doctors with outdated charts – your entire care team will be on the same page, ensuring optimal treatment and eliminating gaps in service.

Beyond Therapy: –

Liberty Resources is more than just therapy rooms. It’s a one-stop shop for mental health and substance abuse treatment, with diverse options fitting all needs and budgets. Mobile crisis units, housing and employment programs – they’ve got you covered, with or without insurance.

Primary Care Under One Roof:-

But wait, there’s more! Unlike most CCBHCs, Liberty Resources boasts a unique feature – integrated primary care. This means you can get your mental health and physical health addressed under the same roof, by a team who know you and your needs. Imagine the synergy, the collaboration, the holistic approach to your well-being!

Challenges & Progress:-

Sure, integrating care across networks and billing systems has its complexities. But the Liberty Resources team sees it as a necessary step towards a future where behavioral health truly thrives. They’re pioneering a model that puts the patient at the center, with coordinated care as the driving force.

This story isn’t just about a grant or a clinic. It’s about a vision for a more seamless, effective, and ultimately human-centered approach to behavioral health. And in Syracuse, Liberty Resources is leading the charge, one connected record at a time.

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