Newsom to Democrats: Defeat Trump at the Polls, Not in Court

California Cautious on Trump Disqualification, Despite National Buzz

While the Colorado Supreme Court ruling barring Donald Trump from the ballot ignited a nationwide firestorm, California’s political winds are blowing in a different direction. Governor Gavin Newsom, in a measured Friday statement, urged restraint against rushing to replicate Colorado’s move.

Newsom acknowledged Trump’s threat to democracy but emphasized California’s tradition of defeating candidates “at the polls.” He framed the push for pre-emptive disqualification as a “political distraction” from the state’s core electoral process.

This stance poured cold water on several proposals from Democratic officials eager to capitalize on the Colorado precedent. Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, eyeing the 2026 gubernatorial race, called for exploring “every legal option” to keep Trump off the ballot. Meanwhile, state Senator Dave Min’s proposed bill allowing resident lawsuits against ineligible candidates faces an uphill battle given the tight legislative calendar and primary date.

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The Colorado ruling, a historic first under the 14th Amendment, has indeed energized national efforts to block Trump’s candidacy. In Michigan, voters challenging his eligibility cited the decision to bolster their case. Maine’s Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, invited new arguments from both sides in light of the development.

Yet, California stands apart in its cautious approach. While the national debate rages on, the Golden State appears focused on the more traditional path of democratic electoral competition. Whether this strategy proves effective in countering Trump’s influence remains to be seen, but for now, California is charting its own course on the controversial issue.

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