DSMC:Partnering with OhioHealth for Personalized Carein the Golden Years

As the demographics of the United States shift, with the population over 65 expected to reach 80 million by 2030, the need for specialized healthcare tailored to seniors becomes increasingly crucial. Dedicated Senior Medical Center (DSMC), in partnership with OhioHealth, emerges as a pioneer in this arena, offering a unique model of care that prioritizes personalized attention and comprehensive services for aging adults.

What is a Dedicated Senior Medical Center?

Founded in 2010, Dedicated Senior Medical Center operates multiple clinics across the United States, with three locations currently partnering with OhioHealth in the Columbus, Ohio, area. Unlike traditional primary care practices, DSMC goes beyond simply treating illnesses. They embrace a proactive approach, focusing on preventive care, chronic disease management, and overall well-being for their senior patients.

The OhioHealth Partnership: Synergistic Strength

The collaboration with OhioHealth, a renowned healthcare system in Ohio, elevates DSMC’s service offerings. Patients gain access to OhioHealth’s vast network of specialists, advanced technology, and specialized services, ensuring a seamless continuum of care when needed. This partnership ensures seniors can benefit from DSMC’s personalized approach while having access to the comprehensive resources of a larger healthcare system.

Key Features of the DSMC-OhioHealth Model:

  • Primary Care Physicians Dedicated to Seniors: DSMC physicians specialize in geriatric medicine, equipped with the knowledge and experience to address the unique health needs of older adults. They focus on building trusting relationships with their patients, taking the time to understand their individual concerns and goals.
  • Proactive and Preventive Care: DSMC prioritizes preventive measures, conducting regular screenings, monitoring chronic conditions, and providing lifestyle guidance to optimize patients’ health and prevent future complications.
  • On-Site Services: Each DSMC clinic offers a range of essential services on-site, including lab testing, X-rays, medication management, and behavioral health consultations. This eliminates the need for seniors to travel to multiple locations for their healthcare needs.
  • Care Coordination: The care team at DSMC collaborates closely with specialists and other healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care, ensuring seamless communication and coordinated treatment plans.
  • Transportation Assistance: Recognizing the transportation challenges seniors often face, DSMC offers complimentary transportation to and from appointments, removing a significant barrier to accessing healthcare.
  • Focus on Socialization and Wellness: Beyond physical health, DSMC understands the importance of social engagement and mental well-being for seniors. They offer various programs and activities to foster socialization, combat loneliness, and promote overall well-being.

Benefits for Seniors:

  • Improved Health Outcomes: The personalized approach, preventive focus, and access to comprehensive services contribute to better health outcomes for seniors, including reduced hospitalizations, improved management of chronic conditions, and enhanced quality of life.
  • Peace of Mind: The partnership with OhioHealth provides seniors and their families with the assurance of having access to specialized care when needed, offering peace of mind and confidence in their healthcare journey.
  • Enhanced Well-being: By addressing both physical and social needs, DSMC fosters a holistic approach to well-being, allowing seniors to live fuller, more engaged lives.


The Dedicated Senior Medical Center, in partnership with OhioHealth, represents a revolutionary model for senior healthcare. Their dedication to personalized care, preventive measures, and comprehensive services ensures seniors receive the attention and resources they deserve to thrive in their golden years. This unique collaboration sets a benchmark for the future of senior healthcare, demonstrating how specialized care and advanced healthcare systems can come together to empower older adults to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

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