Syracuse Clinic Cracks the Code on Holistic Healthcare: Grant Fuels Integrated Care Revolution

Liberty Resources

Syracuse’s One-Stop Shop for Holistic Behavioral Health:- Liberty Resources Gets Grant to Boost Integrated Care Forget the old fragmented system of “one place for your head, another for your body.” In Syracuse, Liberty Resources is breaking down those silos, offering a comprehensive, coordinated approach to behavioral health like no other. And thanks to a recent … Read more

Universal Coverage, American Cost: US Health Spending Outstrips Six Nations – Yet Millions Go Uninsured

U.S. government spent more on health care in 2022

Uncle Sam’s Hefty Hospital Bill: US Spends More than Universal Healthcare Nations, Yet Millions Remain Uncovered American taxpayers coughed up a staggering $1.8 trillion for healthcare in 2022 – a whopping 41% of the nation’s total expenditure. But here’s the kicker: this mountain of money doesn’t even guarantee healthcare for all. That’s right, Uncle Sam … Read more

AI Doctors Deny Care? Humana Hit with Lawsuit Over Senior Rehab

AI Doctors

AI Shadow Doctors? Insurer Accused of Denying Elderly Patients Rehab with Algorithm Imagine, you’re 86, recovering from a broken leg, doctor’s orders: six weeks bed rest. Enter “Dr. Algorithm,” a cold, calculating AI tool Humana allegedly uses to second-guess medical professionals and deny necessary care like rehab. This isn’t science fiction, it’s a growing legal … Read more

9% Boosted, 100% Vulnerable? Cold & COVID-19 Threaten Ohio Holidays

9% Boosted, 100% Vulnerable? Cold & COVID Threaten Ohio Holidays

Holiday Cheer Meets Respiratory Woes: Ohio Navigates Winter Virus Surge The festive season in Ohio buzzes with anticipation of reunions, but a health note casts a shadow on the merriment. The Buckeye State faces a surge in respiratory viruses, with symptoms mimicking both the common cold and COVID-19. “Feeling under the weather? Got a cough, … Read more

Dying Broke and Alone: Why America’s Elder Care System is Failing Us


Financial Drains and System Failures: Lessons from Abroad: Insurance: Comfort or Conundrum? The Immigrant Solution and Federal Fixes: Personal Responsibility and End-of-Life Choices: A Nation at a Crossroads: The article concludes with a complex picture of a nation grappling with the challenges of aging. While the financial burdens and system failures are undeniable, voices of … Read more