Why is it time to Make Budgets Public NOW?

The Global Movement for Budget Transparency, Accountability and Participation (BTAP) is a group of citizens and civil society organizations from around the globe working together to advance inclusive and open budgets. While much has improved from the time when governments justified unrestricted budget secrecy, much more can and must be achieved!

Progress has been unequal among countries, and among all levels of government within countries. Progress has also not been sustained. Transparent and inclusive budgets are essential for improving service delivery, poverty alleviation, the realization of human rights, social justice, and environmental sustainability. Also, civil society engagement can significantly improve budget processes, decisions and outcomes, and thus transform the lives of people. For this reason, we must pressure our governments and parliaments to Make Budgets Public NOW!

What do we want?

The Make Budgets Public NOW! campaign focuses on ensuring that all countries in the world meet the most basic standards for open budgeting. We want governments around the world to:
  1. Publish the budget proposal they table in Congress;
  2. Publish an independent audit of government progress against this proposal;
  3. Allow public hearings during the budget debate in the legislature to which the public is invited to provide evidence.
  4. Publish a citizen's budget.

Campaign materials